In business since 1972, Restoration Specialists provides emergency damage treatment and remodeling services to clients in nineteen counties within North Central Florida. The business operates out of its headquarters in Ocala, while maintaining five satellite offices in adjacent areas, each of which serves those regions within 50 miles of its location. As a result of the company’s strategically placed offices, Restoration Specialists is able to be constantly and immediately available to regional customers who require urgent damage control services for their residence or workplace. Employees of Restoration Specialists are specifically trained in techniques that allow them to respond rapidly and effectively to client requests.

Beyond the company’s geographic accessibility, Restoration Specialists makes its services available to a diverse array of clients through extensive affiliations with local and national insurance companies. The staff’s familiarity with insurance protocol expedites claims while minimizing unnecessary losses. Restoration Specialists provides highly detailed computerized estimates that feature itemization and photo-documentation of any proposed project, further streamlining the process of filing paperwork with insurance providers. The company’s meticulous and consistent standards have earned Restoration Specialists a preferred status with Hanover Insurance, which awarded the business a “Select Contractor” title after collaborating on projects ranging from sinkhole repairs, to recovery work from damage caused by fire, wind, and flooding.

In addition to the varied post-incident repair and remodeling services that Restoration Specialists provides, the company also maintains a list of preventative and proactive tips for clients seeking to minimize damage before or during an emergency. The business webpage also offers advice for preventing and alleviating the deterioration of homes and businesses due to fires, floods, sewage, smoke, and other potentially hazardous incidents. In order to minimize client expenditures, Restoration Specialists even provides a comprehensive list of cost-effective solutions for related damage that does not require professional intervention.


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